Posta Bureau de change was launched in June 2012 as an effort to meet our customers' needs better. Our hope is to open more outlets soon.

You can now buy or sale foreign currency at Dar es Salaam General Post office (Posta Mpya). Our goal is to offer this services in all our regional postal offices in Tanzania. Visit us, we offer good and affordable services!!


  • United States dollars (USD) 

  • United Kingdom Pound (Sterling) (UK POUND)

  • European Union  Euro

  • South African Rand (ZAR)

  • Indian Rupee

  • Kenyan Shillings

  • Ugandan Shillings

  • Oman Rial


  • Convenient Locations- Our offices are conveniently located for easy access by our customers.
  • Secure environment - At TPC post offices we offer many services, and we offer a secure environment for our customers.
  • Competitive Exchange Rates-With TPC Bureau you can buy or sell your foreign currency at competitive rates. The rates are attractive and always puts the customer in mind.
  • Genuine Foreign Currency- At TPC bureau you will always find genuine foreign currencies at all times. It’s our policy to ensure customers are always satisfied.
  • Availability of Foreign and Local Currencies 
    There is always availability of foreign and local currencies at all our branches anytime you are in need.



For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the following number:
Tel: +255 22 2113709 - General Post Office DSM    or Manager Operations Bureau de Change
Posta House,
Ghana/Ohio Street, 
P.O.  Box 9551
Dar es Salaam 
+255 684 887 979