Community Information Centers  (CIC) these are centres that offer computer training. It is a co-venture project with Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT).  At the moment we have 9 centres. 

We have competent teachers who conduct the trainings and every students who qualifies is given a certificate by DIT.

You are all welcome to come and train in our centres!!


This is a service that is being offered by Tanzania Posts Corporation (TPC) at all our Regional Posts Offices and some district and branch offices. At the moment we have 37 Internet café all over the country. In the Internet Cafés customers can browse through the World Wide Web or communicate through email and chatting.

Trained staff members are available to assist you in receiving, typing and sending email messages to and from Tanzania, Africa or anywhere in the world!


Is the mobile banking service which enables you to know and to get various information about your account anywhere, anytime through your mobile phone.  At the moment 141 Post offices all over Tanzania offer this service.


    • Ability to Save or Deposit Money in your account anywhere, anytime
    • Stay connected with your Account.
    • Ability to do Utility payments such as LUKU,DAWASCO,DSTV,AIRTIME TOP UP
    • Ability to Transfer Funds from one account to another easily
    • Ability to withdraw cash from your account at any TPB POPOTE agent location countrywide
    • Ability to change your PIN anywhere, anytime