Tanzania Posts Corporation offers examination fee payment services for students who register to do exams conducted by National examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA).  This is an agency service on behalf of NECTA.

A student needs to do the following:

Visit NECTA examination centre to get reference number. This number is given free of charge.

  1. Register for the examination in the NECTA website, then print the registration form.
  2. Fill the printed form and sign and stamp it at the Examination centre after payment of examination centre fee.
  3. Go to Post Office to pay the examination fees.
  4. The filled and stamped registration form is submitted at the Post office where this information is entered online to NECTA system.

 The student can get the internet café services at the Post office where access to NECTA website for registration and printing of registration forms can be done.

The examinations types that a student can pay at post office counters are as follows:

  • Certificate of Primary Examination (CPE)
  • Qualifying Test (QT)
  • Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE)
  • Advanced Certificate of Secondary School Examination (ACSSE)
  • Grade A Teacher Certificate Examination (GTCE)
  • Diploma in Secondary Education Examination (DSEE)

Other examination services you can pay for at Post Office are :

  • addition or deletion of subject
  • Appeal
  • Certificate
  • Change of examination centre
  • Correction of name after certificate issue
  • Correction of name before certificate issue
  • Equivalencies
  • Statement of results after certificate issue
  • Statement of results before certificate issue