This is a traditional mail category popularly known as ordinary mail. It is Economical, Convenient and Reliable. Delivery is focused into the private letter boxes/bags.

How it is handled
The letter is affixed with postage stamps depending on weight/destination and is dropped into a letter posting box. The sender writes correct address of the addressee on the face of the envelope and sender's address on the backside. The letter is then sorted into private letter box. (Click here to check posting fees)

Packages up to 30kgs may be sent via this low-cost service, and a notice of delivery will be returned to sender when the parcel has been delivered. 


This is a mail category that has first priority of being processed, distributed and sorted to the addressee's private letter box. It has a friendly and affordable tariff. It is easy to use, reliable and secure. 

Applicable routes for priority Mail

Dar es salaam/Korogwe/Tanga/Moshi/Arusha 
Dar es salaam/Morogoro/Dodoma 
Dar es salaam/Iringa/Makambako/Songea/Mbeya
Dar es salaam/Tabora/Kigoma 
Dar es salaam/Shinyanga/Mwanza 
Dar es salaam/Zanzibar

How it is handled
A letter is accepted at the Post office counter or through authorised Postal Agents. It is treated as most important, thus distributed before Ordinary Mail. It is conveyed by the speed means of transportation.

Delivery is focused into the private letter box/bags, however Post office can arrange for physical delivery at an additional fee.

Priority mail assures timely collection and delivery of the items into one's private letter box. Assures for next day delivery (working days).


This service is offered in the same areas in which priority letter class service is provided (see above). Maximum allowable weight in this class is 30kgs.

Posting fees and destination tariffs, if any, apply, and a priority fee is charged for delivery of the parcel within twenty-four hours. (see Fee Tables) Remember: A blue label means priority delivery! 


This is the service offered by the corporation to members of public whereby customers can get copies of daily newspapers through Posts Offices after payments of monthly subscription fees. The corporation distributes and sells the newspapers for the following publishers:
((see fee tables).  

  • Shirika la Magazeti ya Chama
  • Tanzania Standard Newspapers Ltd
  • The Guardian Ltd
  • General Publication Ltd.
  • Jayham Ltd