Theme: Building resilience in time of Crisis!!


January 18th 2021, Tanzania Posts Corporation (TPC) joins other African Postal Communities in commemorating the annual 41st African Postal Day Anniversary. The commemoration with the theme “building resilience in time of crisis” is being celebrated as the whole World go through the tough period of the global COVID-19 crisis.

As we celebrate this day, we acknowledge that all sectors worldwide have been enormously affected by Corona crisis including the postal sector, the role of the posts worldwide is to act as a catalyst and a bridge between societies in social-economic development and it has a direct relationship with the transportation sector, so affected transportation sector has a direct effect to the postal sector. During this CORONA crisis, airlines, shipping and other logistics companies faced total closure and downturns of their businesses and in that way posts faced huge challenges in delivery of the items to societies domestically and internationally.

Despite this odd, the Posts in all times has done what other cannot do. For instance at TPC, during CORONA crisis TPC staff were directly involved to save the affected communities, congrats to them as they worked diligently and tirelessly day and night to provide back-up care and support. Posts were fully engaged on health activities by delivering protection materials and the blood samples to the intended laboratories designated by the government through Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children for tests.

TPC realize that we are in unprecedented situation and so the change of strategies for delivering our services to the community,it is this time that normal ways of serving or doing business is no longer applied. So, TPC decided to deliberately change the service provision as per the customer needs in relation to the ongoing situation. Our door to door service delivery popularly known as “Posta mlangoni” was enhanced hand in hand with the introduction of community-friendly services that focused on the technological change.

Financial and agency service provision as well as POSTA Bureau de Change businesses were shaken, it experienced low volume and customers who were partially locked at the beginning had impact to delivery centers due to few movements of people in and out not only in post offices but also in all area around.

The cancellation of flights and limitation of people’s movements to various parts of the country had impact in our business. It was in this time TPC  increased and modified money transfer and exchange services by extending time of service to create room for easy and free access of the customers to our services.

Despite the global crisis Tanzania Posts Corporation (TPC) has continued to delivering mail, parcels and other services to the community nonstop. The wider physical network across the Country enabled us to deliver without limits, to us the crisis taught a lesson that to every problem there is a solution lying somewhere. It is for the people to discover and deliver what is seen as a problem.

TPC formed a transformation team and tasked it to continue strategizing and navigating for the sake of utilizing the new technological services to develop new products and services and strengthening market share for the developed products for financial gain, as a result of this soon TPC will officially launch the SMART POSTA a service which will take the post office in their mobile phones .

At this juncture, I would like to thank you all our stakeholders for your valued support especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where we saw your patronage,  together we can move forward and accomplish the goals ahead. I believe that our solidarity shown during CORONA crisis and or any other crisis that may heat our operations and the community we will be able to prevail as it has always been the case.

Special thanks go to the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania under the able leadership of His Excellence John Joseph Pombe Magufuli, the 5th phase President  for standing strong and encouraging Tanzanians to stand still and see the hand of God prevailing during the CORONA crisis. And indeed we have witnessed a great salvation and Tanzania is free of COVID-19 today and TPC together with other Tanzanian are working to grow the economy without any fear.

With these few remarks, I would like to wish you all, a very happy, very peaceful and prosperous year 2021.


Hassan A. Mwang’ombe

Postmaster General & CEO


Tanzania Posts Corporation

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