Refer to delivery of mails, documents, parcels through variety of transportation.


During the transportation, some mail items require special handling, such as Money Order, Postal Order, Bank draft, business purposes (transactions), while others pass through Post Office Boxes across the Country which are available for rent on completion of relevant forms and office formalities.


Some mails can use Private Mail Bag, that can be applied to the Postmaster in-charge of any Post Office. It is particularly suitable for customers who receive large quantity of mail (daily).


Special Delivery Service, This is a service introduced for Corporate Organization that have 'PMB' and generate large volume of mail. On agreed frequency, TPC collects client's mail for their private mailbags and delivers to their offices for an agreed fee. This service saves the clients time, money and the infrastructure required for mail collection and delivery.


Post Rest ante Mails: can be used by individuals travelling out of their usual environment and they expect important letters/ documents. There must also be proof of identity to ensure that delivery is made to the proper person and where they expects their mails. 

Street Delivery: through (Posta Mlangoni Service), this is a delivery of mail services at a door step through National Addressing System and Postcode. 


Caller Services (P-Cum): Mail delivery from office to office or office at normal office hours.





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